About Us

Our company is an Eastern European company whose activities are the following: 

  • business development, 
  • strategic planning,
  • project management, 
  • transfer of rights, 
  • media, 
  • planning and fully implementing marketing campaigns, 
  • advertising agency activities, and 
  • communication solutions. 

Our company is not only an expert in purchases, but also offers complex counselling and cost-effective and efficient investments.

We find it important to assist our clients and have them acquainted with the market by understanding our services. 

We build, manage and locate brands on the media market. 

Product, communication and campaign are not our only priority – we think in terms of business solutions. 

We set out to satisfy market needs by providing counselling at a high professional standard and providing our clients intense, partner-focused and flexible services. 

Our goal is to find an integrated solution to every single challenge by putting planning and comprehensive thinking into practice.




R-Post-R Zaloznisttrvo d.o.o.

Slovenia, 1000 Ljubljana

Linhartova ulica 13.